Unfortunately fame and fortune doesn't equal intelligent and informed

          The war in Iraq is definitely a grey issue at best, and yet some people feel they should use their social status for speaking out against our administration and its choices on this complicated matter. While I definitely approve of looking for flaws in any and all leadership, many of the celebrities making statements or being involved in protesting against the war appear to be slightly, if not completely, misinformed on many matters regarding our nation's extroversive agenda. The celebrities' constant appearances apparently go far beyond good intentions of "peace," and appear to be publicity stunts just to get their name in the news.
          One of the first actors that I heard speak out against any involvement in Iraq was Martin Sheen with the quote, "We're spending billions on this war while many children in school districts across the country are sharing books in crowded classrooms. I think we can use our billions on a whole lot better things than war." In spite of the grammar, this well meaning quote is all well and good until you learn about the horrors of Saddam's regime. Yeah we have the infamous crowded/school book argument of our perpetually flawed society; however our leadership structure isn't so ass backwards that George W. has a wood chipper that he puts enemies of state into. So should we just try and ignore the world's problems Mr. Sheen based on our slightly soiled societies setbacks? If our end goal is that we truly want peace, then I think not.
          George Clooney makes another decent point of "You can't beat your enemy anymore through wars; instead you create an entire generation of people revenge-seeking." Well Mr. Clooney who is the "enemy" in your statement, the people of Iraq? We are attempting to liberate the Iraqi people from a god awful leadership, not wage war on the population of this enslaved nation. It's these well meaning non linear quotes that are being processed against the war that begs the question, "Are the celebrities in Hollywood watching the same war as Mohammed Sahaf Iraq's Minister of Information?" The many paranoid aspects of my mind think they are not watching the war at all, but recycling what their PR is recommending that they say and do.
           It's not just Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood that are leading the gravy train either. From the Dixie Chicks announcing their shame for coming from the same state as our chief executive to Madonna's ridiculous American Life video it's apparently obvious that musicians are on the anti-war bandwagon. There are actually 63 anti war songs (that I am aware of) out right now from artists ranging in scope from Lenny Kravitz to Mudhoney. While not all of these songs are completely, if at all anti American or anti Bush, some just have a simple and understandable wish for peace. While most of America's radio stations choose not to air these songs, you really have to question why we would really care in the first place. There isn't going to be any detailed substance that really makes you feel one way or another about this conflict in the music. At best the content is just going to be rather trite neatly wrapped lyrics promoting rebellion on some levels... just like practically every other song. For real in depth insightful information just go to one of the many shows geared toward showing all sides of the issue. My personal favorite is Real Time with Bill Maher, but then I'm just a sucker for HBO programming.
          So all famous people are soulless self serving ego maniacs who don't understand the issues at hand and should shut their moronic yaps? Lord no, for instance when Michael Moore, writer/director of "Bowling for Columbine" wins an award for a documentary that says Americans are a uniquely violent people, using our massive stash of guns to kill each other and to use them against many countries around the world. That also shows George W. Bush using fictitious fears to frighten the public into giving him whatever he wants, and states the following: The first Gulf War was an attempt to reinstall the dictator of Kuwait; Saddam Hussein was armed with weapons from the United States; and the American government is responsible for the deaths of a half-million children in Iraq over the past decade through its sanctions and bombing. Then his acceptance speech at the Oscars is OBVIOUSLY going to reflect the tone and statement of the film. His discussing of discontent about Bush and The Gulf War II are not going to be inappropriate, and it is definitely a proper time for any comment that he might feel that he should make. The movie in itself is an educated well organized look at the many problems with modern American society and if any famous individual has any background knowledge enough to publicly attack the administration; then it's definitely Mr. Moore.
          All in all, we the people of this great nation that isn't overtly plagued with famine, disease, and despots should not sit quietly in the night and accept what Mr. Bush and his thuggish secretaries say, nor what Green Day and Susan Sarandon tell you to think. Rather, we should make our own educated opinions and then take action regarding the very things threatening our society, and not just our society on this small little continent but rather the society of the planet Earth. Sometimes someone is famous and rich because they research issues and try to present truth, and likewise sometimes it's just because of a pretty face, poetic styling, or ability to pretend. Regardless, make sure before you pick up that protest sign, or you run down to your local recruiting office that you pay attention to what is actually happening in the world, and stop being the starry eyed slave we all know you are.