Season 2

Episode 201: St. Jean Baptiste and The Belly of Love

Second annual St. Jean Baptiste Show. Billy is missing at the beginning of the show, so Nick and Frank venture off into the unknown to locate him leaving Robert to guard the set. On the way out Hank the Gatekeeper is there and takes the slightly skeptical duo into Billy's dimension. After a lot of exploration Hank is interviewed, Hank disappears, and Billy is discovered. He apparently failed to realize that the day was Saint Jean Baptiste Day
.  After getting back we realize that The Punisher -SDG left several messages wondering where we were.  He jumps to anger then he accepts his fate. After this he begins to slaughter chickens.  So we go to the Laura Cunningham Elementary School's musical dept. players a.k.a. The Dead Kennedys our -MG who play a live version of their rendition of "Happy Trails".  Compared to last season this episode was awesome for the simple reason that we left the house and we had a full cast, which we did again and again this season.  If this episode were to stand alone though it would be very retarded, if it wasn't for the unexpected comedic styling of Hank and the accidental end to the Punisher messages.

"Hank's Entrance" "Hank's Interview" & "Hank Departs" 
"The Punisher HAD a chicken farm" 

Episode 202: Nick loves Rome

Apparently there was a Time Machine located in Nick's backyard somewhere. He had it moved into the next room, and tricks Frank and Billy to go with him into the past. He doesn't know what he is doing per-se, so he pushes buttons randomly apparently sucking in Hank and Robert along with the crew. They explore ancient Rome, and realize that an arch-fiend from the future named Hugo has commercialized the past. In a flash of anger Frank and Nick venture into the future to defeat Hugo. Along the way Hugo uses his mind powers to make Frank and Nick do battle. While in the future Anakin Skywalker -SDG is interviewed, and a collage of cut travel scenes is played to The Makers -MG. After time is fixed it's time for some down time.
  So while this episode was more plot based then ever before, it was really loosely held together.  The high point in this episode is the musical guest and also when "Frank meets a Roman." 

Episode 203: Dial "N" for MURDER!

During the beginning of the Nick explains that several months have passed because everyone was tired so they had vacations, and a slideshow of a trip to the slums of Mary is played against The Hives -MG. Once Robert turns the lights back on after the slideshow it appears that D.A.V.E.'s new assistant camera man has been KILLED! Organ swells... the rest of the show is Nick walking back and forth in front of all the previous characters smoking from a pipe talking forever in a logical decomposition of the problem until it is discovered that the death was caused by Chim Bean: Ruler of the Universe -SDG. After a lengthy interview it is settled that since he is a cosmic being rules doesn't apply the same way to him, and then the Big American Dance Party begins.

Episode 204: There's something happening here...

Nick and Frank are making fun of Vietnam because they both saw some special and a movie that made them feel it was a bunch of bullshit. Billy is upset by this and takes them using his gateway to a world where Vietnam never happened. Nick wasn't fully positive Billy did this and thinks he just took him to some park and pointed out some good reasons why it was necessary for the growth of a nation. However if you ask Frank, he'll tell you about the inter-dimensional gateway ride that for some reason played The Doors -MG. Also about the old black irish man in the wheelchair -SDG that said he dated Ella Fitzgerald and lost millions in Las Vegas. He taught Frank the most important reason for not hating Vietnam, and that's because we shouldn't make opinions on shit we know nuthin 'bout. Episode ends with Frank playing the harmonica in some alley.

Episode 205: Kriss-Kross Shazam a.k.a Jorge Christ

Frank and Billy show up and Nick is missing. They go into the guest bedroom and find Robert sitting by his side saying he has been sleeping for a long time. The camera then appears to go inside Nick's brain into his dream where the Adventures of Jesus are being acted out with Nick and the gang. Nick playing Jesus of course, and D.A.V.E. playing Satan. The weird thing is, is that Jesus has a brother named Kriss-Kross Shazam -SDG that apparently wants to be a salesman of some sorts. Jesus/Nick through his many trials that get shown in this hour long episode shows K-K that he is silly in his endeavors and that only serpents are sales associates. The fight with Satan and his minions (Billy/Frank) goes on for a really uncomfortably long time and is set to a long Pearl Jam -MG song. Episode ends with Nick waking up referencing "The Wizard of OZ".

Episode 206: Billy gets BUSTED!

Billy is missing and yet another beginning of the show, so they call up Matt Groening -SDG on the phone and cancel the interview. Pissed off Nick and Frank go into his dimension again and discover through Hank that Billy was imprisoned for not paying taxes from the revenue of the show. Well Nick knowing that there was no revenue decided to represent Billy in court and win his freedom. Frank and Nick talk to Billy who is jaded, upset, and making things worse with his attitude, then Nick brings up his spirits and convinces him that he will win his case. So there is a montage that goes on for several minutes of Nick interviewing people and talking to the judge in his nice suit with a Blue Oyster Cult -MG song playing to it. At the end of the show is an awkward silence as Billy is found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Frank and Nick leave the dimension empty handed
, yet now with Billy out of the way Frank is capable of starting up his own phone sex company.

Episode 207: The Death of Frank Cifaldi

Frank is awaken by a plane crashing in Nick's backyard that brutally kills him and many others. Cuts to news anchors covering the tragedy. D.A.V.E. and Nick start to mimic what is going on until Nick actually starts to have everything in his life start to catch up with him. Billy getting stuck in the clink, and now Frank being dead. He decides to go down to speak with Hades -SDG again and find out if Frank is down there. Basically there is a shit load of red tape and Frank is probably just hanging out in limbo for the Grim Reaper to arrive. This frustration drives Nick insane, and there is a long insanity sequence with Modest Mouse -MG playing in the background. Then Hank appears to snap Nick out of his daze, and he informs Nick that he has a handful of supernatural beings around him as well as a time machine. Nick apparently fixes everything and this is alluded to by the end. Which ends on a happy note with Frank, Billy, and Nick sitting in a park having a picnic and talking about popular sports.