Season 3

Episode 301: Nick Conquers Rome

Beginning of episode starts with Nick writing some note saying he has figured out a way to beat the system.  Basically he apparently goes back and employing the same tactics Hugo <Episode 202>  does he goes back in time after they left and assumes the mantle that was left open with the fall of the previous dictator.  Frank and Billy employ Uncle Bucky -SDG relative Hank the gatekeeper to knock Nick from his seat of power.  Basically they caught Nick off guard while Nick was enjoying someone (Frank in some costume) playing the rubber band guitar -MG, they came in  and captured Nick taking him into the future.  Once back the time machine is destroyed in a similar fashion as seen in Back to the Future 3.

Episode 302: Nick Vs. Batman

The start to the "reason" we apparently got cancelled.  Basically Nick thought it would be awesome since they just got the ability to do "blue screen" effects to show him fighting the many incarnations of  Batman -SDG.  From the golden age comic, the campy series, the animated series, and up to the current films.  Basically this is the sum of the episode, Frank comes in dressed as the Joker at one part, and Billy gets dressed as Robin.  Each only appears during one sequence...  the surf music played in the background of the campy series battle is the closest thing to a -MG you get with this episode.

Episode 303: Hank the FLEAKEEPER!

Nick apparently buys a potion that turns Human Beings into dogs.  So Nick attempts to get Hank to consume this.  His intentions in doing so where to take out Hank in an ability to free themselves from doing the Nick Show, and if this didn't work to at least get Billy out of the equation.  Since Hank is a cosmic being things didn't really stay that way and at the end of the episode at the dog park Hank just turns back in an unexplained fashion.  There was this homeless guy at the park -SDG that talked to D.A.V.E. at one point, and Nick sings a song about wanting to turn Hank into a dog -MG.

Episode 304: The Most Impossible Scene

Whole episode consists of trying to do one scene to a Steven Jesse Bernstein -MG/SDG song where Frank and Nick sit there in a serious fashion as Billy acts in a foolish manner.  Either considered the worst episode ever, or the best depending on what you expect in an episode of the Nick Show.

Episode 305: Everybody looks purple to me...

This one really didn't air because it was just a mish-mash of shit that hasn't been seen since the days of the pilot.  No one was there but Nick who was apparently out-of-it.  He just kind of runs around with the camera and occasionally you here D.A.V.E. -SDG talking in the background.  The title was just taken from the only line that is actually very clear throughout the whole episode, apparently before filming Nick dropped the camera.  no -MG

Episode 306: I'm not cancelled, YOU'RE CANCELLED!

The only Nick Show episode to actually not feature Nick, it is basically Robert talking about Nick being addicted to drugs, Frank and Billy got their student visas approved and were in America taking classes.  FOX cancelled the show and repossessed the house as part of the stipulations of the contract, and had it demolished.  The title is taken from a phone call recording -SDG FOX had made with Nick regarding the cancellation that is played during the final episode of The Nick Show.  Robert using the assistance of D.A.V.E. makes a short film that consists of Nick Show highlights played to Nirvana "All Apologies" -MG.