I'm going to hell for this one...


Ian sure is his name, and when I say that he played an alternate reality Billy in Nē... I MEAN IT!  His lubberly brand of humor makes him very special in our hearts for many years to come.  He lives in Seattle, works at Blockbuster, lives in a studio apartment, and still was able to make one million dollars by the age of thirty.


What can I say about the woman I love?  Not too much otherwise I might scare off all the groupie girls and the hot steamy fan mail that awaits me everyday.  OH BUT I KID!  Chantel is known by many names... Firecracker, Peach, Bop, the names go on and on...  yet however all deeply rooted in the dark arts.  Regardless of all this, Chantel was "Peter Love", and also "herself" in Nē.  This is where miss cookie really comes to shine, and I have the tapes to prove it.


Mojo a.k.a. The Admiral from Nē, struck it rich buying/selling items of great value during the rise of the information age.  Using all his profits he created a super-team consisting of 4 teenagers with "attitudes", and had them based out of a satellite.  This all sounded neat at first, but the logistics are quite ridiculous when you don't have advanced technology or powers of any kind.  After purchasing the satellite he fell into a great depression.  Disappearing for days at a time only to return with hookers.  He lived a fast life, and a very short one indeed.


Hank is the Gatekeeper; he lords over his dimension using powers the likes you've never SEEN!  His hobbies include listening to music, and his goal is to give the world the rock music.  Occasionally he has great barbeques, and he pays all right for government work.  Nobody likes him that much, but you could never tell him, cosmic beings are all like that and shit...  no wait Strike that, Reverse it... Hank is awesome, TELL HIM YOURSELF... he is one of my favorite people in the WORLD.  Hank for President!



Robert, Robert, Robert...  Initially the financial supporter of The Nick Show, or as Hollywood would refer to him, a producer.   He later became one of the reasons for the shows downfall.  When he wasn't blowing money on frivolous items, he was trying to tell Nick what to do, which is a recipe for disaster.  Currently he is a tattoo apprentice, which if it's anything like the "Sorcerer's Apprentice", it's gotta be fucking awesome!