Burning Man was probably the coolest thing I have ever been to, outside of the CON or Mr. Show LIVE... but in a universal way, Burning Man hands down.  Basically it is like camping, with constant beats going on, with gifts from total strangers, naked people, a tits on bikes parade, dancing, letting go, walking, art, booze, being dirty, two men with lightning shooting at them, always using a port-a-pottie, painted naked people, chasing the water truck, lots of dirt, and FIRE... so much FIRE. 

The quick rundown, Tasha is Conrad's girlfriend.  Conrad is Chantel's brother.  I am the devil.  Chantel is my girlfriend.  Amy is Chantel's cousin.  Greasy G is Conrad's hommie, and Stephanie is Amy's friend.  This was the night of the burn, what a night.


The art of Burning Man



Whether the intent is to be thought provoking, a cool place to party, make a statement, to look cool when fucked up, or just because... Burning Man sure has a lot of it.  You can't throw a stick without it coming back all creative and colorful.  Here is but a small sample of interesting things during the day.  Most of the neat shit is at night which is not shown here.  Even with being at the bottom of a dried up lake bed the place sure does glow at night.


GAMES!  and the Theme Camps

Some days when you wake up and don't have a hangover, you might be bored to tears...  well then go find and play one of the many games around the playa.  If you're a naked person, I recommend the naked twister.  So yes, a lot of the theme camps are going to be where the action is, especially late-night party-wise... so go to them... for fun...

Center Camp

Were you an idiot and didn't pack what you needed?  Well if it was coffee, and/or ice, go to center camp because that is the only place you can buy anything.... and that's all you can buy.  At center camp... everything happens... paint, singing, talking, mingling, lying on each other, that's all I have to say about that. 


Naked people and the water truck



So you came to Burning Man to see naked people?  Well you are in luck... because it is ridiculous how many naked people there are.  Driving in first day... man playing naked hula-hoop.  ...and at first you might care, but after I dunno a day of seeing people take showers, run after the water truck, or ride by in the Critical Tits parade you really lose track.  So the water truck is your best friend, when you are dirty and you hear that horn a blowing, you rip off as much clothes as you can stomach and start running.  It is truly the best feeling ever... 


One thing you never learn about until it is too late, are white-outs.  Wind on the playa is a very bad thing.  Greasy G and I were headed back to camp after eating free spaghetti at the Spaghetti Western and luckily we brought our face masks and sunglasses, cause CHRIST!  All along the playa was dirt, and we rode right into it.  Needless to say it is scary riding a bike when all you can see around you is white, occasionally a car go by, or another bike.  Good experience nonetheless Peter Rabbit. 

The Man and Me



The man, at worst, helps you find direction because this thing is gigantic.  Oh but it is so much more then that.  I like to think it is the constant reminder to any weary traveler to really let go, and not give a fuck what anyone thinks of them.  As long as you don't have to see them when it is over.  If you are going to go, just go!  Rough it up, don't take it easy cause this thing is NOT SPRING BREAK.  It is supposed to by all means be fun, but it is supposed to say something more... then just getting liquored up and dancing on an RV. Or maybe I'm the weird one, and I should have got naked and drank the scary punch made of hallucinogenics that sounds like it would kill you.  Who knows... but after listening to many an attendee I like to think I got it right.  Until next year...