From February 1998 until March of 2004, I worked in the horrible world of retail.  I spent three years in Best Buy and three years in CompUSA.  After trying endlessly for over a year to get alternate employment it finally came and because I was now free to live in the real world I had a party, but not just any party...  A HOUSE PARTY!  These are the people and the pictures of my first successful big bash.

This is the front room of the house as it was in March of 2004.  I spent a good $300 on all the decorations, food, and alcohol.  I had Balloon Time, a dragon piņata, silly string, and a bunch of cameras lying around for people to take shots.


The Guests



The people that attended are as follows: 


Billy - duh

Charles - friend of Matt

Conrad - Chantel's brother

Francis - CompUSA work/friend

Frank - duh

Jesse - I don't know but apparently a   

               friend of Jessica at the time

Katheryn & Jessica - CompUSA


Matt & Mitra - School chums

Mike - School/CompUSA work/friend

Sara - CompUSA work/friend

Tasha - Conrad's girlfriend

The Party

These are the best pictures of the party.  As I said, there was a lot of alcohol since I spent a ton of money on this festival of lights, but what really made it a great fun party was a little game called... I don't remember, but the problem was created by this game where you could make rules like if anyone says anyone's name then they have to take a shot.  That gets everyone at the party super drunk in about 30 minutes.  Needless to say, it was a great fun time, and I hope to have a sequel to this house party that does not feature Kriss Kross.

The Animals and the Aftermath

The animals were all there, Wonka attended the party and thusly had a balloon tied to her and shortly thereafter passed out, Reebok hid during the entire thing in a drawer and little spike was only with us for about two weeks at that point and not even two months old.  So the little guy was sleeping in his pen.  The next day I was ready to go to my new and exciting fast paced career in the small business network technician world.  Nine months later I quit that job for a better one, no one survived.