It all started in November 2002.  I was bored and sitting at the computer, so I went to and typed in "Rock n' Roll Robot."  As would any level headed individual in a similar situation.  To my surprise it came up with a page for a Japanese t-shirt company called F30 t-shop.  A t-shirt with rock n' roll robot on it and one of the weirdest designs I have ever seen accompanying it.  I knew after

viewing it that I had to own it and so began the process.  Initially I tried to use their order sheet set up, but since I don't understand Japanese at all this posed a problem. 
      Regardless I filled out how I thought the form should go, and off it went.  I received an e-mail reply in Japanese and realized that the communication barrier was something that I needed to solve if my goal of ownership was ever to be achieved.  Initially I bothered skilled AOL users and had them help me translate, but I figured that was only a temporary solution.  So I wouldn't bother strangers who could lie to me anymore.  Luckily I had the assistance of Joshua Murray (RIP) known to most mainly from his multiple guestbook entries.  With his assistance we were quickly able to solve this issue, and here is the fruits of our labor:





hello..this is F30T-shop

it seems like you might have made an order to us but some part of the form is unfilled and I cannot read some of them, so that I cannot confirm the order. 
if you ordered, please contact us again.

p.s. if you do not know what I'm saying disregard.

      SUCCESS!  We were now slightly in business and I now was able to use the program to inform them that I wanted to know how much and order the Rock n' Roll Robot t-shirt (F-0017).  So I won't bore you (I wish) with the details of the initial miscalculation from Yen to USD and what-not; however the fact that the form of payment required was wiring money into their bank account, proposed a whole new set of sticky circumstances. 

      Basically I had to go through my bank account because they were the least of the rip offs.  Small banks and Western Union are for suckers when it comes to International wire transferring.  So the total of $32 I can understand including shipping and what-not, but FUCK the GREAT cost of wiring turned out to be a flat fee of $40.  So there I was $72 in the hole and nothing to show for it yet.  

      Now began the waiting game.  I didn't want it shipped super fast because that would be costly, so I waited patiently.   About a month and one week from my discovery that this shirt existed on Christmas Eve I got a special present from Japan.  In one of the coolest bags I have ever received anything in.  The coolest thing to me on the packaging happens to be their logo with the caption "fate & timing."

     This here could and almost was the end of our story, but I had ideas of what I could do with this t-shirt.  At first I was thinking of taking some modeling kind of pictures of myself wearing it for comedic purposes pertaining to this website.  So I kept that in the back of my mind.  Well we went to Disneyland because Chantel loves it and also we could milk Billy's crippled misfortune to get in the handicapped lines.  So off we went, and as a result using the camcorder we were left with a nice little video.  Taking snapshots off of the film here were my modeling photos and I didn't have to pose to make them a reality.  Knowing F30 has a gallery on their website I decided I had to be part of it.  Two gratifying e-mails later and 3 months after my initial interest; I can finally say that I am officially a Japanese t-shirt model, or if you will International Sex Symbol.  Unfortunately the site no longer exists. I guess I was their only international customer or maybe after seeing an international interest they decided to expand and abandon their roots.  Only time can tell...

Thank you Yuko and Momo for my brief stint on your site before it died!