In 2004 I became aware through that there was going to be a post-Angel "convention" being held in London, England on Halloween 2004.  At first I laughed, and then I thought, "What a great excuse to go to London."  So I looked into it, spoke with Chantel, and then booked the adventure.  She was obviously hesitant about the Convention but not about a quick jaunt to London.

At this point in our relationship we had been back together almost 3 years, which was a milestone I was waiting for before I was planning on popping-the-question.  What better opportunity then a trip like this to take the plunge? 

We had a layover in Amsterdam but not long enough to leave the airport, so we ate McDonalds and drank beer which was sold at the McDonalds.  Then our propeller  plane to London came and we were off.

The Tubes were are very best friend our entire stay.  The one thing I was absolutely fascinated with was the constant presence and ease-of-use of the London subway system.  We were staying in what appeared to be Little-India above a night club, but we were able to jaunt over to York Hall for the event, to Piccadilly Circus, and to Parliament within a moment's notice.  We also touristed-it-up at the Tower of London.

The little things that were different were the most fascinating to me, since this was my first trip out of the country.  Simpson advertisements, Coke Light, and even vending machine offerings were fascinating to me.  Then there were the generally fascinating landmarks that have withstood the sands of time, and bore witness to the evolution of society and of man.

The Angel convention was basically a stage where you could listen to and interact with David Boreanaz, James Marsters, and other Angel Alumni.  They also had a projector so you could watch your favorite Angel and Buffy episodes between events.  Needless to say Chantel and I spent very little time there, with the predominantly disgusting female crowd.

Originally I was scouting out random parks because I was going to pop my question in any random, beautifully lush London park.  Then we bought a guidebook and I became aware of the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens.  Since Chantel and I have visited Disney Land/World at least 10 times, and I was quite aware that Peter Pan was Chanty's favorite Disney cartoon; I decided to make that my place of engagement.

Hope you enjoy the pictures (click the big picture at the top), and I highly recommend you visit London yourself!