Ladies, if you want some of this anytime 24 hours a day.... just think of me... and I'll be there.
This is I.  All the text you have been reading all over this site is coming from me.  That guy in all the pictures all over the site... I hope you get the point by now.  I am/was The Nick Show, I am the one that picked up a camcorder and started shaking it until the show started falling together.  I am the one who in a desperate attempt to entertain myself spouted out nonsense that ended up becoming the show.  I am the one whom several years after a camcorder has been picked up still has anything to do with The Nick Show altogether.  It is my blood, my puke, my children... and it wouldn't have been half of what it was if I wasn't accompanied by such entertaining gentlemen along the way.  In Nē however I was Dr. Supra which was great because the spotlight was off, and I could sometimes hide in the shadow of my brilliant comrades.  Below you get to see the many incarnations of me starting with the first season trading card, up to more recent pictures.  What happened to the pictures you've come to know and love?  Well I hated them, so I put up pictures that I thought were better, and how dare you like such crap.  FEEL SHAME!  Please enjoy staring at pictures of me, as much as I obviously do.  Thanks...



"Artistic Interpretations"