I'm going to hell for this one... as well.


Jhonen Vasquez... Creator/Writer/Artist of such things JTHM, Squee, I feel sick, and filler bunny put out by Slave Labor Graphics.  He was the head writer and creator of a show for Nickelodeon named INVADER ZIM.  Amazingly enough it was great stuff, and I personally recommend downloading an episode from KAZAA or any other program of your choice.  Probably the friendliest chap at the comic convention, even though his fans are scary and he prefers to live a life in the shadows.





What can be said about Scott McCloud, of Understanding Comics, ZOT!, and Reinventing Comics fame.  I have absolutely no idea that is why I couldn't really talk to him.  His website is Scott McCloud.com and he is a very awesome individual in the field of the funny book.  I respect the man, and his family looks nice, but what could I say?  All the leaves were grey...





Frank Conniff, better known as T.V.'s Frank from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Is a very funny,  weird, and funny guy.  You can't really tell from the picture but the same show that Jhonen V. is the head writer and creator for, INVADER ZIM, he was the head writer for as well. Then he was fired...  Jhonen doesn't like others encroaching upon his ideas.  Not sure what he is up to now, but if you really want to know, just bother some MST3K nerds... they'll have the answers.





Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons" will usually great you with a happy, "Hey, It's that guy!" and isn't he.... that guy I mean.  Billy and I love this man for obvious reasons and were thrust into acting as his secret, secret service to a gang of spit wad shooters.  His children area apparently named Will and Abe... unless I just came to that conclusion on a whim and am horribly wrong... oh well... good guy nonetheless who was there for Futurama dealings.





Why is Bob Burden such a good guy? Well I'd be the fifth to the last Nick Show cast member to answer that question due to the fact that I haven't read his stuff.   Frank and Billy have centered their modern day lives on the craziness of this man.  He did Flaming Carrot, and Mystery Men.  Good for him...  If and when I finally read his stuff, I will then return and speak years of praise.





The funniest show EVER has to be Mr. Show w/Bob and David.  As seen here is most a good portion of the cast.   I am in one of the picture because we are all apparently good buddies... why am I not smiling you ponder?  Well, because a friend showed me a picture he got with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.  On this picture it was very apparent they were not smiling yet he was.  Now as an effort to enter the tragically sad, or is that sadistically tragic?  I did a, as Chantel would say, "Switcheroo!"  However I have gotten nothing but persecution for this course of action.  I don't recommend it for the faint of heart.  Any-who, On the right is Jay Johnston, ME!, David Cross, and Brian Posehn.  On the left is Bob Odenkirk, now to learn more about their goings-ons visit www.bobanddavid.com