I'm going to hell for this one... as well.



Haven't really been more nervous at any other Comic-CON meeting.  It completely caught me off guard to see Adrian there since usually my favorite comic book artists/writers don't come to this shindig.  He is very talented and sweet, it is obvious when looking at the detail he puts into his autographs.  Did I ask for such kindness?  NAY!  All on his own volition he started giving me a doodle.  I'm sure he does it for everyone, but what a guy.  Anywho, Optic Nerve is his book and it is one of the best comics to ever fall in the genre.


Jhonen Vasquez... Creator/Writer/Artist of such things JTHM, Squee, I feel sick, and filler bunny put out by Slave Labor Graphics.  He was the head writer and creator of a show for Nickelodeon named INVADER ZIM.  Amazingly enough it was great stuff, and I personally recommend downloading an episode from KAZAA or any other program of your choice.  Yeah, this year I decided to leave him alone... outside of having nothing to talk to him about.  Billy made an attempt to have him look over his portfolio on the last day, but unfortunately Mr. Vasquez was freaking tired.  Till next year...


What can be said about Scott McCloud, of Understanding Comics, ZOT!, and Reinventing Comics fame.  His website is Scott McCloud.com and he is a very awesome individual in the field of the funny book.  Here he is seen giving an interview up in the second floor registration area.  He's a really nice guy, I saw him at one point giving someone's lost badge to a security guard because they left it at his booth.  What-a-guy!


Crow T. Robot is from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  I can't freaking believe I ran into a self made replica of one of my favorite fictitious characters.  Before I found him I figured out a way for the CON to sell me (only 20 at the time) booze.  Needless to say I was pretty freaking drunk at the time I took this picture.  Not sure who the guy is who built it, but MAN is that not an easy task.  Go find out for yourself!


There were an assortment of panels that were held in one room and a heck of a lot of celebrities.  Lucy Lu, Ray Park, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and several more.  However being a huge Kevin Smith fan the only one that meant shit to me was Jason Lee.  He was here for some movie "Dreamcatcher" I think it is. An adaptation of some Stephen King book.  While the movie didn't look that good, and it was obvious the Jason and Stephen Dorff (of GO! fame) weren't thrilled to be there, FUN was had by all...  well, me...


Now even though I have not specifically read too much of Tony's work, I know that he was an Eisner award winner of last year for his work, and the art and stories of his comics are pretty interesting if not just freaking weird.  Coming from me, I consider that a compliment.  His most famous character is his Sock Monkey, and then there is the crow that drinks booze.  WHAT A HOOT!


Well seeing Mark Hamill in person was pretty neat, and I mean he was just standing a couple of feet away from me, but I don't quite understand what him and Billy West were doing just hanging out.  Maybe since Mark does cartoon voice talent they met through some union.  Regardless he was doing some "BE IN MY MOVIE" thing which I never checked out.  Here comes the explanation of the ?, see one of the saddest things, is when someone who used to be something in Hollywood, is trying to sell themselves, so thus Lou Ferrigno and his sad little booth deserved a picture.  Lastly is this black guy who was rocking out with the break dancers at the party that  I was wasted at.  Since I had a few, and his apparel made me chuckle a picture was needed.  Chantel says she recognizes him from some website, but damned if I can find it.  "YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE I'VE BEEN TV'S INCREDIBLE HULK!" 


These are the remaining pictures of the trip that I felt had any interest.  First is of Amanda Leonard or as I refer to her as, "Frank's girlfriend"  The night of the first party which we all had a few and danced the pain away to, Frank said Hi to this lady, and we entertained her until bed time.  Given that he talked to her, they are obviously in a committed relationship.  Next picture is of one of downtown San Diego's many one-legged pigeons.  Believe me, you don't want to know the story I have come up in my head to explain the many pigeons with just one poor little leg.  Third picture actually takes place outside of the world famous Barstow McDonalds.  Someone on Hank's B-Day/Groundhogs Day wrote in the cement in front of this modern day monument.  Twenty-one years later... I DISCOVER IT, Coincidence?  I think not...  Finally was actually in Las Vegas, but never have I seen a creature as big as that up until the hellacious accounts of trying to leave Vegas.  ICKY!  Well, until next year...