let's do this

As it was before... so was it again this year.  Billy, Frank, and I ventured off onto the never-ending I-15S and searched for the promised land.  On our way we stopped traditionally in the Barstow McDonalds as seen above.  Previously we decided to stay at the Motel 6 about 10 blocks from the action, and initially we volunteered and I stole badges, the second year we pre-registered, this year... none of that.  No we decided to stay at a Hostel about 3 blocks away and give our fate to chance at who would be our flat-mates.  Also not pre-registering had us waiting in the longest line of our lives.

The Hostel

Billy had to sleep in another flat with unknown individuals... Frank and I got to share this nice little cozy room with Masari from Japan, and Juan from Argentina.  Masari was nice, but he wasn't there for the CON... he lived in that room and went to school... every time I looked at his collection of items around his bed I was reminded of watching Frank play Shenmue.  Juan was actually a great guy who is trying to make it as an artist in the states... I had a lengthy conversation with him when I was drunk, alone, and crashed some industry party at the Hyatt.  Billy made more friends at the Hostel, because he was only 20 and couldn't go out drinking with the men.

The many freaks of the San Diego Comic-CON

OK... one thing I don't think I have ever done justice is giving a detailed account of the freaks of the Comic-CON.  So here we go, just some examples of the kind of people you are around when you journey where the nerds are.  First there are the awkward costumed individuals like Alvin the Chinese Chipmunk... he wears the same thing, EVERY YEAR... Second is probably the funniest picture I have been able to grab... an overweight Klingon at the nacho bar.  Then there was the dance party... and this sweet peach cutting-the-rug!  I think the angle of the picture really does her justice.  Next is the fattest person I have ever seen outside of What's Eating Gilbert Grape.  Finally the last picture goes back to the evening where I was drunk, and alone... but before I crashed the party I was wondering around the Hyatt and ran into the Gamers... and had the longest and worst conversation of my life with the King of the Gamers... never again... never!

Items of subtle interest in 2003

When we were waiting in the longest of lines Billy drew Concession Whore... on tree bark... and donated it back to nature.  One of the main reasons to go to the CON  is for the Adult Swim and Futurama panels... assuming you enjoy one or both of those things.  They always are hilarious and quite entertaining.  When Frank and I were at this awesome Irish Pub and he was trying to interview Neil Gaiman.  I had to entertain myself, so I started by talking to guys at the bar around me and one overweight guy in a safari hat and a married school teacher later... I decided to go find a female that would be safe to have a conversation with...  Enter MacKenzie Stuart... she was interesting AND entertaining.  Going back AGAIN to when I crashed the industry party.  I was sitting and thinking in my drunken stupor and a female came up to me holding the hands of a guy.  She informed me that I was cute and asked me if I wanted to go hang out in their hotel room... my initial response was, "Sure!"  Then I noticed the guy was shaking his head, "no."  All of a sudden I realized what was going on, so I declined... seeing as how I am taken... So then the guy hands me a business card... it being my second of course on my trip... crazy fun!

How to design and build your own spaceship!

There are many panels that can be attended at the Comic-CON.  One year Frank and I sat in on "How to write for Star Trek" which to be honest was very sad when the black man was being rude to the lady in the wheelchair.  This year we all found one item that stood out... which was how to design and build your own starship.  We attended... and realized it was drawing time for children.  So the picture at the top that you see is us in this workshop... the first picture is what we are looking at... and the next two are my notes.  Fun for the whole family!

Stolen souls of famous people 

Well just like every year I run into famous people.  This year I ran into Brian Posehn for the third time in my life... always a pleasure.  Then Stan Lee was eating next to the Irish Pub we were all at... probably trying to convince the true believer next to him that Striperella is awesome, Nuff said... I need to go take a bath... hold on.  Then in front of the pub was good ol' Will Eisner getting interviewed about this and that.  Finally was the oddest celebrity of all... see Frank and I were kinda tired, so I suggested we go sleep during some film... and judging by the name of the film playing we decided that it was some artsy crap and would have no interest in it.  Scratch that... being half-asleep I watched a ground breaking scientific documentary that explains that apparently the Earth has been growing during its lifespan and tectonic plate theory is a bunch of bullshit.  Anywho this guy is an artist for Batman comics... and he blew my mind.  Neil Adams I believe.. my hat is off to you sir.  I'm not fucking lying!

Frank meets Neil Gaiman constantly, and Bob Burden is Rock n' Roll

So, being a member of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund... I get invitations to cool things... and this year there was a cool shindig at this Irish Pub, and Neil Gaiman was set to be there... so Frank went to interview the poor bastard...  he wasn't capable of succeeding that night, but was able to schedule some time later.  Between that we got initiations to a reading of his.  Billy and Frank attended but I kept going in between that and the lame party that was happening.  The reading made them tired and that is why I had my adventure alone... drunk on Rum.  Regardless he got to interview him and if you go to www.lostlevels.org you can read all about it.  So there we are at the Irish Pub and I turn around and see someone do a shot of Tequila and lick the salt off his hand... it's Bob Burden, creator of Flaming Carrot.  Frank and I saw the humor in this.  So that's it... until next year...