here we go again... that's right I said it

This years Comic-Con started in an unusual way, for the first time ever it appeared that we had two additional members to our trio.  Billy, Frank, and Kap set out the night before us, rather then waiting to make the long trip as one unit.  This was caused by the fact that Frank had a female companion he was looking forward to.  This female companion also caused Frank to not be present in many pictures that were documented by Robert and I.  Regardless, the fact that we were all of drinking age added a bit o' honey to the event that was lacking previously.  Aren't we so fucking adorable in those pictures.  Well, on with it then...

The Trip, Downtown, & the Hostel

So Robert and I set out on our first road trip together to San Diego, making important stops along the way as pictured in the first shot of the disgusting Bun Boy sign.  My tire got some metal deal-y stuck in it on the way so I had all my tires replaced when we were only shortly to downtown San Diego.  I provided a map this time so that you the viewers at home can have a view of the downtown Sand Diego area.  When we started going to the convention center four years ago we stayed at the Motel 6 up on Front and Beech (the top of the map).  Recently however we learned it is just as cheap, closer, and we all get a bed if we stay at the Hostel (notated by the circle close to the convention center).  The following pictures show our Hostel this year where Frank, Billy, Robert, and I stayed.  Billy and Frank had separate beds and Robert and I bunked together.  We are secure with our sexuality and it actually made for some hilarity since Frank was sleeping near the table where Billy kept his shit.  We were able to laugh in the comfort of our bed at how Billy was drunkenly stepping on Frank, spilling Coke on him, and standing over him as he counted his change.  Kap had different living arrangements and Frank's lady friend was staying in a girl dorm.

A rocking good time at the San Diego Comic-CON

We definitely had a kick ass time this year and by kick ass I mean awesome radical tubular kick ass time, if you know what I mean?  Oddly enough we all had a specific night where we got trashed.  Billy's was unfortunate because it occurred at a time when nothing really fun was happening and we were just walking around a dead city after eating pizza.  Robert's was pretty eventful because he got totally trashed and left the theater we were at to go talk to some girls.  I stayed in the theater because I was going to argue with the writer/director after the show and tell him how shitty I thought his dumb movie was.  So then I get a call from some security guards about how my friend is going to get arrested and sent to jail to cool off because apparently he passed out on the floor of the convention center puking up black shit.  Needless to say I had to call a cab, drag his ass upstairs, and then drop him into the tub so that he could sober up and not go to jail.  My night of drunkenness was also unfortunately uneventful.  I ended up crashing the same Industry party again this year, but it was shit so I went home.  Pictured above is us at the Top Gun Kansas City Bar-B-Que again, and the coolest guy dressed up as the Storm Trooper Elvis.  For some reason Billy thought it was necessary to be in every shot.  It should be noted that in my picture I have my head on his shoulder which is probably making him very uncomfortable.

Drunk Fun, the English, and the Toxic Avenger

As I just noted above, for some reason in a lot of pictures I decided to put my head on someone.  It could have been due to the amount of alcohol that I consumed or because I wanted to stir shit up.  I guess we will never know.  The third to the last picture was taken in the Irish Pub of last year, and this year an English woman that worked for Capital One held Robert's pierced penis in her hand as Robert took shots of malt vinegar (Which is the reason he was puking up black shit later).  Also Robert and Billy getting pictures with there hero Toxie.

Celebrities at the Comic-Con


There were many a celebrity at this years Comic-Con.  I saw on stage Mr. Keanu Reeves, Mr. Hayden Christiansen, and I could have seen Mrs. Sarah-Michelle Gellar but I got sick of staying in the same room and wanted to go eat.  Why do I have no pictures of this?  Well, because everyone else was taking about a thousand shots of them and if you are so excited about those people then go to other websites.  Robert ran into a member of Good Charlotte that was an attendee of the Con.  There were some mooninites at this years Adult Swim gathering, although Err is not to scale.  I saw a fat man that looked like a hobbit then I realized it was none other then Guillermo Del Toro the director of Hellboy and other films.  I also ran into Andrew from Buffy the Vampire Slayer eating at a restaurant.  Oddly enough I have no pause in snapping an immediate shot of famous people which Robert pointed out.  Apparently the actor that plays Andrew immediately looked up and wondered why any one would be taking a shot of him eating dinner.  Also outside the Comic-Con was Mr. Joss Whedon (Creator of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly) just standing there like a normal person.  The following shot was of the cast of Firefly because they are making a movie called Serenity about the unloved, until DVD, series  (I did not take this shot, I just found it online).  The next shots are Abraham Lincoln for some reason, and Mr. Billy West of Futurama fame.  One person I do not have pictured is Marlon Wayans whom I almost walked into on the street.  I have no idea why he was at the Con and I had no time for picture taking as this was very abrupt.

Now what everyone has been waiting for, my description of this years batch of freaks!

Jesus, where to begin?  So the same fattest guy I have ever seen was there in his wheel chair unchanged by the effects of time.  Accept this time he was asleep in his own fat.  Then this year I saw the best thing yet, a horribly fat Jedi going around in his wheel chair.  Now I am sorry, but how do you pretend to be an all powerful Jedi if you are too fat to stand?  Doesn't that immediately crush the idea of you being a person with magnificent powers if you do not contain the super power of not being so fat that you can stand.  Jesus Fucking Christ.  Then I took a picture of Alvin, just like pretty much almost every fucking year.  Keep up the good work man.  The next picture is of a Klingon child standing in front of his Klingon family.  I rest my case... I don't know whether I should envy or condemn this child.  Robert took a picture of some people battling in medieval armor, because they were nerdy as shit.  Near our Hostel was a man covered in silver that did the robot... ALL NIGHT LONG.  So Robert validated his existence with a picture.  The next two shots are of the dance party that I was drunk and dancing at.  These pictures are necessary to show how sad this dance party truly is.  So what the hell is the deal with Kittens/Cats having magical capabilities.  I actually remarked, "What the fuck!?!" then proceeded to take a picture of the Kitten Fairy.  Apparently Robert noticed the artist was standing over the picture looking mad because I disgraced her art.  I actually purchased a shirt with a cat with rainbow colored wings for Chantel as her present.  The last pictures are from the Masquerade, the final night of the freaks.  I took a picture of a family forcing there kids to play a part in their sick dress up game again as I was strolling through areas I had no business in.  The little fairy girl is just to highlight the good side of dressing up children, isn't she adorable as she walks with her demented slut of a mom?  Apparently Johnny Depp in multiple incarnations and the X-Men like to kick it.  Robert wanted a shot of the sad man trying to look like Mr. Depp.  Keep wishing homeboy.

So that is it... the long awaited, six month delayed pictures and story of what REALLY happened at the San Diego Comic Convention.  Until six months from now...