aaaaaahhhhh.... SNAP!

Keeping with last year's tradition of rotating in newbies to bathe in the sweet, sweet, tastes and sounds of the San Diego Comic-Con, we brought a long Francis this year.  Francis and I had worked together for four years prior and this trip marked me getting him hired at my new job.  You might wonder why I didn't use a hilarious nickname for him as well.  Well his nickname is Princess, and I was trying to be nice for 5 seconds.

Unfortunately Kap decided to sit out this year, but Robert was there with proverbial bells on.  Misfortune struck again in that I failed to find room reservations in the Hostel or Motel 6, so we ended up staying at the closest place I could find, which was some small Indian run motel.  It's location provided us with opportunities to use the trolley, which reminded me of jolly ol' london town.

The Hotel

So this hotel which I found through some website online was not the world's greatest.  They tried to swindle me on the price at the door, and then at one point we needed to relocate rooms.  Which wasn't so bad since our first room only had one bed and a door hanging from the hinges, and our second one had two beds and a separate room.  Frank brought his X-Box and hooked it up to the TV in the room.  It had pornography on it, and any chance I could I put it on with blaringly loud sound, as Robert documented.  Frank's X-Box apparently couldn't take the strain and died shortly after.

Unfortunately we found out on this trip that Francis snores.  Since Billy and Frank had to sleep in close proximity to him, they decided to beat him with pillows in order to get him to stop.  This obviously upset Francis as he could not see the humor in him causing people to not sleep and thusly getting beaten with pillows because of it.  Since my friends are swine, and nothing disturbs my sleep, I was oblivious to this.  However due to Robert being a drunken fool I had to share my bed with him and this girl with a slit tongue.  Which comparatively is the better of the two scenarios.

The Fire Escape


This was my first trip after getting my new job and my new job gave me both a laptop and a World of Warcraft obsession.  Well since I am a techno-wizard I hacked into a neighboring Wi-Fi connection, and ended up frequently relocating to the Fire Escape of the building for a better connection.  I was able to log into WoW for a short period of time in the night, and run my character around.  It was fascinating. 

Also, I always bring fireworks to San Diego, for no particular reason.  It is always shortly after the 4th so I usually have left-overs.  Well this year Robert climbed up onto the roof of the building and set off some rockets.  It was exciting and pointless!


What would any trip to San Diego be without 100 self portraits of myself?  Back in the old days of film cameras, I had no idea how good or bad my shots were.  It was all a crap shoot, and this trip marked the demise of my camera.  Usually if I was shooting myself there was this vague hope that I would magically capture everyone behind me, as I had done in prior years.  Unfortunately this year I had no luck in that regard.



This year broke many of our Comic-Con traditions for better or worse.  Usually we would all drive up in my car, and stay in the Motel6 which evolved into the Hostel, and I would have to deal with some unusual parking situation.  Well this year Francis drove his car or rather I drover his car, and the weird hotel we were forced to stay at had a parking lot.  Francis was a pretty good sport and had a good time, I think, unfortunately it wasn't our greatest year.

...and yes in the sixth picture it is of him passed out at the dance party.  He does that...

The rest of 'em...

Frank wasn't running around writing articles or getting blow jobs this year but HE WAS setting us up to attend parties that we had no right to attend.  This was the first time in the history of comic-cons where we could drink and eat for free.  We enjoyed it, but sadly we did not exploit it.

Billy... um... Billy met a girl at the dance party and convinced her to go back to our room.  So we all finally got back to our room and there Billy was, sitting at a table and talking to her.  Man they would have talked ALL NIGHT LONG too, if it wasn't for us getting annoyed by this and asking him to leave with her.  If genitals were actually involved our policy would have been different.  Why a girl would follow some random dude into his hotel room in the middle of the night and not get it on with a guy is beyond me.  I think they were both playing some bizarre game of chicken, that I'll never understand.

So this year Robert, as he was always meant to, got so fucked up he could not move.  So this girl he met last year came to his aid and took care of him.  Her homosexual friends ended up abandoning her over Robert, which resulted in her entering our palace, and desecrating our bed.

The Big Con

So I had to get a shot of the bear chained to the bench.  Some cookie store... sorry.  The comic-con had comics and an impressive star wars Lego display this year, and I got a photo of a gigantic  Pikachu's ass!

The next photos are of the celebs, I saw this year.  These two lovely ladies are from Buffy, Darla and Tara.  After last year in London and capturing these shots, I think I might successfully get photos of all cast members.  The next photo is of one of the many porn actresses trying to get work.  So sad; so fake and so sad; so hot, so fake, and so sad.  Then Brian Posehn, whom I have a habit of running into, and then a picture of Bender.

One of the cooler things that happened in 2005 was attending a live Tenacious D concert shortly following King Kong panel.  They rocked and it was fun.

Freaks and Geeks

As always I enjoy capturing pictures of the odd and out of place in comic con.  I became fascinated with horrible drawings of kittens with wings, so I insulted an artist and purchased a t-shirt for Chanty.  You gotta love obese and incapacitated Trekkies, right?  Some costumes, and a bizarrely dressed man, and finally some pictures of me with Alvin and button guy.  I see Alvin every year, so I figured I might as well interact with him for once.

So that is it... the long awaited, two year delayed pictures and story of what REALLY happened at the San Diego Comic Convention in the year of our lord, 2005.