Yeah, during the first season Nick was "really creative"  and for some reason, the mythos of the real world, the main characters already developed, and damn near everything in existence that was good just wasn't enough to fuel the 30 minutes in length episodes...  so to compensate, Nick created a cavalcade of what you see following this.  By the second season we could actually leave the house, so we really got less "creative" in that fashion, and started using the real world for story development.  ENJOY!




   Theoretical Designs    Shown on the Nick Show

The Anarchy Ball, an always present entity of The Nick Show, shown here in its natural form. The powers contained by the Anarchy Ball is believed to be what summoned Nick and others to take part in The Nick Show. A device created by the Masters of Performing Arts and Ceremonies of RiggÓl 9. Its basic function was to sit at the end of the bed and not get knocked over. MAN ALIVE, if that thing got knocked over.... man alive.




Composite Sketches

Shown on the Nick Show 

Chim Bean: The Ruler of The Universe was a powerful, and intimidating member of The Nick Show as long as you kept him happy he didn't make you feel pain. Shown here on your left was the happy animal he used to be named chim-chim. Until on the dreadful day when the happy scamp, who was always jumping, was decided by the gods to be the next incarnation of SARNATH. Once the ceremony was complete from that moment on he was Chim Bean; may he have mercy on your soul.




Agency provided photo

 Shown on the Nick Show

This is The God Father of Footwear he appeared during Episode 106 Nick Vs. A Tribute to Frank Cifaldi.  Frank has a genuine fear of the God Father... he steals shoes... obviously.  The second time we ran into him was during A Nick Show Family Christmas, at that point he informed us that he now had gold shoes, and also was setting up a chain of cheez-it® restaurants?  I don't know why I believed the cock sucker enough to give him that loan...  BUT WHO'S FACE IS RED NOW?



Russian Version            Nick Show Version

Billy, Frank, and I did scenes from our favorite classic Russian play "Mifune" Translated this means Jerry and the Cake-woman. Billy played the cake-woman, Frank did Jerry, and I was (obviously) the lovable paperboy. We performed scenes frequently that usually left a dry feeling in your mouth. POWERFUL SHIT MAN!





Broadway Version

Nick Show Version

Billy wrote a short play named "Velbon: The Tripod Innovation". This here is a scene from that play, right after Bongo Pete and the Captain confront each other after they attack and capture an EVIL doer. We performed a piece on the Nick Show Family Christmas. This picture however was from the Broadway production of the same play.  Billy felt we were able to play off of the intense feelings better when heard over the radio vs. on the stage.  Now for the first time view the segment of Velbon known as... "the capture."




Ronnie Gibson, Ryan Firmin, and Paul Ellison were the first guests on The Nick Show, here they are pictured on one of their rare meetings on top of Okunawa Hill in Southern Japan. They are discussing their triumphs of the recent past. Since the picture were destroyed once Paul Ellison quit the band; I had a friend, who was there, draw up in comic book form that fateful day when titans clashed.