Nick Show Specials

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Episode S01: A Nick Show Family Christmas

It's winter, and you know what that means?  So there is a new beginning that takes place outside of the house displaying the Christmas lights.  After the intro, a musical morning montage in The Nick Show world is displayed showing the house and D.A.V.E.'s domain among other things.  Nick's been baking for his two companions.  First look at how Billy goes from dimension to dimensionFrank's living area is also highlighted.  Once everyone is settled and the explanation for why a Nick Show hasn't been done in awhile is cut short due to the newly discovered nick show signal; a weird vortex envelops Frank and Nick.  Once free we notice there clothes have changed, and so has everything else around them including the signal we just heard for the first time.  Hank has a first appearance hanging out with Robert and D.A.V.E. while Nick and Frank have been away.  As the show continues on Nick visits with past guests, A Cavalcade of Wackiness -SDG.  Computer Graphic sequence is shown to the Offspring "genocide" -MG   Another vortex at one point occurs and "VELBON: The tripod innovation" (See Nick Show Characters) is shown.  At the end of the show presents are exchanged and everyone is happy.

Episode S02: Nē                            <In Technocolor>

First actual Nick Show spin-off.  Staring a superhero group that is lead by The Admiral (Mojo Howlett) and the team consists of Dr. Supra (Nick Clark), The Whammer (Frank Cifaldi), Billy (Ian Adams).  The heroes  of the story are summoned to the Belvue Satellite in white space because Chantel (assistant to the Admiral) is apparently missing.  Ian concludes that when the admiral informed them she was in a desert of some kind this meant they needed to go to Vegas and search the Desert Inn.  As they go to Las Vegas there is a sing-a-long to Blues Traveler -MG. So they search the Desert Inn,  stop by a local In and Out for some food, and finally give up.   Apparently Chantel was in the satellite the whole time, so everyone just starts dancing.  The dancing goes on for 10 minutes...

Episode S03: Peter Love's REALLY fucking Late SHOW

Watch it all here! Not really a spin-off per say but a collaboration of Nick, Chantel, and Frank featuring their hands, and many toys/stuffed animals.  Peter Love (Chantel)  with his sidekick Gamera interview a slue of guests for his anniversary show.  All guests voiced by Nick and Frank.  Guests include Pooh, Earthworm Jim, Pot Baby, Batman, Purple Dinosaur, and so much more...  Show ends with a long dance sequence to Styx "Mr. Roboto" -MG.

Episode S04:                          Meat, a celebration               or Happiness is St Jean Baptiste

Hank the gatekeeper summons Nick, Frank, Chantel of Nē, Robert and his associates to have a 4th annual St. Jean Baptiste celebration at his one bedroom apartment.  Nick and Frank do the cooking, Chantel bakes a cake, and fun is had by all.  St. Jean is seen in a rare shot as she leaves here apartment.  Apparently this small apartment complex housed many cosmic deities.

Episode S05:         Nick's Trade School Projects

Nick was taking classes at the Turkmenistan chapter of the University of Phoenix and him and his fellow classmates; Gavan, Matt, Bruce, and David made two shorts.  "How to be an AP student" and "Don't Do What Johnny Dont Does" were the shorts of academic excellence and also of government corruption.  Nick played Fidel Castro, and weird dance sequence member #2.  Most of the comedic work was instructed by Nick's insane demands.

Episode S06:                         Nick's Bath Time Fun EXTRAVAGANZA!

This little number was basically The Nick Show except in a bath tub.  Where one person would be next to Nick, and he would either have a serious discussion with them regarding something or other, or just attempt to scrub them in a hilarious manner.  Not really our best work, and not worth talking about much longer.