One Shots!


Chantel Turner
This is how bored I am. (5/08)
Your guess is as good as mine... (5/08)

Pac-man the Homicidal Maniac (5/08)

Why JTHM? (5/08)
Burning Business Man 2

Burning Business Man 1 (6/06)

The people that live in my stomach 2 (6/06)

The people that live in my stomach 1 (6/06)

Try Not to Breathe (6/06)

Little Lady (6/06)

Ever Growing Emptiness (6/06)

Bad Day (2/06)

AHHHHH!!! (2/06)

KITTENS?!? (2/06)

Teh Gayz0rz (1/06)

Line to Santa (12/05)


Nick Turner

redeye (11/02)

Just Imagine... (07/02)

The Mirage (12/01)

Bones (09/01)

Blind Faith (04/01)

Vomiting (Special Edition) (04/01)

Vomiting (04/01)


Exisiting titles...


Winston and Delilah

Those dreadfully awful rights! (04/03)

God and Peabody
Just Plain Sick
The Loophole (09/02)
Atheist Antics (07/02)
After Hours with God and Peabody (10/01)

Warren Woods

The Continuing Perils of WW2, and WW6 (07/02)

The Further Adventures of WW3, and WW5 (08/01)


Time Travel

Time Travel is a touchy subject for some people (08/01)



Hank Musgrove and the Mother Fucking Maniacs T-Shirt

First Season Trading Cards



Unfortunately fame and fortune doesn't equal intelligent and informed

When Good Nostalgia  Goes Bad: 80's Edition

That'll be a large #4 with a side of exploitation

Nick Turner: Man of Tomorrow!

What's it called? Monorail!

The Trouble with Trojans

Why you should (or shouldn't) care about campus elections

"Travel Tips" hosted by Colin Powell

The Horrors of Guerilla Advertising

So you want to start a religion


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A or B

A or B

A or B

A or B

A or B

A or B

A or B

A or B

A or B



peeps - Distanced in Distress


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