Q: What is/was The Nick Show???
A: Well it was a 1/2 hour show about a guy named Nick Clark who every now and again is summoned along with others to make The Nick Show.  The show is a sci-fi action comedy talk show, that has a super duper and musical guest and is made up of improv and monologue.  Plans are to one day make a new Nick Show that is a final episode/movie, but unfortunately the technology that is available (Nick is willing to pay for) does not meet the high standards Nick has set for such an endeavor; also no one can settle on a single script and Billy costs too much now-a-days.

Q: Who was in The Nick Show besides Nick?
A: Well it would have been damn hard and boring (as previously seen in the pilot) for Nick to do a one-man show. So to compensate for this there are 5 main reoccurring characters of The Nick Show
Billy Berkey - Man of another dimension forced by some power to make The Nick Show.  His talents are exceptional given his other dimensional handicap.
Frank Cifaldi - Mysterious homeless man, friend of animals, and can sleep for weeks on end.  His current hobbies are drinking and writing.
D.A.V.E. - Technical, and drunken wizard behind The Nick Show's first 2 seasons, currently MIA...
Robert Reynolds - Supposed financial supporter of The Nick Show, although actually very, very broke.  Likes to wear robes, pierce people,  get naked, and drink coffee.
Hank the Gatekeeper - Mystical master of The Realm of Realities, he's a trickster like Loki, and knows ALL the ladies whether he likes it or not.

Q: Where was The Nick Show made?
A: Well The Nick Show was produced, directed, and shipped supposedly from an unmarked warehouse in Las Vegas, NV; however The Nick Show is made in Mary, Turkmenistan according to the show, if you actually watch it.  All episodes once digitally mastered at Nick's St. Jean Ranch are sent via The Nick Show staff to the previously mentioned supposed unmarked warehouse, and also at one point a California distribution center; right up until that went belly-up.

Q: You speak of musical guests?
A: That's correct, I do.  In the first season, due to lack of everything, we played a song from a cd, and showed you the cd cover.  Don't get us wrong we (I) tried to spice it up in every way possible.  However every musical guest from the second season on has been new and inventive. Like the dancing Jelly Bellies or the Dead Kindergarteners.  If and when anything remotely Nick Show was resurrected, the only way a musical guest would be on the show is if they were freaking live.

Q: When and where can I watch The Nick Show?
A: The Nick Show is only aired on a Mary public radio station.  People actually love hearing it time and time again.  They even have replaced Sunday evening bible reading with gathering around the old transistor radio to hear of Nick and the gangs adventures.  Even though the episode selection is very limited it never really gets old.  Sometimes they even read fan fiction or the novelization of Season 1.  Every time we tried to make the leap to T.V. our horrid visages shocked and frightened the populace.  However the legendary recorded tapes are circulated in America, for it is the land of opportunity!  It is also said that on some backwards satellite channel YPR-FLX 980 the episodes are shown around 10p.m. on weekends; I don't fucking buy that for a second though.

Q: So tapes are circulated?  I want one!
A: Please don't ever deviate from asking questions, and actually NO YOU DON'T!  Imagine getting home after a hard day's night, and the tapes you spent your entire paycheck on arrive.  Then you realize you just ordered some dork kids you used to make fun of in High School's home videos.  Who's cuter now?  Well just in case you don't care about my warnings, go to a message board of some fashion and demand them there, you might get lucky.  Again I fucking doubt you will. 

Q: I think The Nick Show is a dumb idea, but you idiots intrigue me, done anything else?
A: Even though I take great offense to this.  SURE!  There has been a Nick Show spin-off called "Nē"! Nick has also starred in some interesting High School projects.  There is the Nick, Chantel, and Frank's "Peter Love's Fucking Late Show!" and maybe one day, SOMETHING ELSE!  Better yet, practically everyone involved in the Nick Show at some point or another contributes to Nē's Billy's Site.  Also Frank does his bidding at Lost Levels, just in case you happen to be foolish these are also located in the links section.

Q: So wait a minute, if the show is on hiatus, where are you getting these new pictures from, and why do you still update this site??
A: Whoa, WHOA! Settle down there Mr. Questions.  Well regardless of any new shows coming out it still existed and this is a testament to its glory days.  Also it is my site and I'll do whatever the hell I want to do with it.  Show you my comics I make, talk about stuff, and also show you pictures of my friends and me.  Basically it can all be summed up in one simple way...
"KID SISTER!  Wherever I go, you're going to go!  Kid sister, Kid Sister, KID SISTER AND ME!"

Q: Where the hell is this picture from and who is that person with you?
A: Well that is Satan, or possibly just a lackey thereof... and this is the picture that commemorates our accord we struck when I was a dead angel in Purgatory to come back to life in order to make The Nick Show.  It was this decision that forced me into creating every episode no matter how horrible and nightmarish it was.  To answer another possible question, about why I am older in said picture; it is because I died at a young age in life and after the deal was made I had to go through birth and childhood before the cast would be ready and the cameras would roll.  Basically if you ever read anything related to the Mojoverse in the X-Men comic series, you might buy into all of this.  Just replace Mojo with Christian mythology and there you have it.

Q: So if an accord was struck, says you; then why are episodes not being made anymore?
A: I'm as shocked as you, the viewer at home, are that I am even answering this.  Regardless of the "deal" struck with Satan and his dark minions, even in Hell they have taste and The Nick Show was cancelled, and unfortunately for some reviving and repairing The Nick Show hasn't been on Lucifer's To-Do List and probably won't be for a very long time.  At least I have my freedom until that horrible, horrible day when there are no bigger fish to fry.  Yeah for me!  Yeah for Hell!  Yeah for fish!