come with me... and you'll see!


Welcome to www.The Nick everyone!  I am Nick the 

site designer, and what-not.  Believe it or not, I am the reason you are

here.  This site is basically here to stand as praise to The Nick Show.

A wondrous collaboration of some young, comedic, and intelligent

people that is now tucked away in the halls of television land.


Just to make the site more interesting it is chock-full with other interesting

items.  The comics I and anyone I know have created are displayed here,

in the Nick's Comics store.  If you are satisfied with this explanation go

explore, if not scroll down, and I will give you a rundown of the 

features/fruit that this site be filled with.



The news portion of this website is surprisingly just as it says.  I put things of 

interest that are going on with the evolution of this site, as well as ME!

If you haven't been here in a while you might want to check it out. 

'cause keeping up is next to godliness



This is the part of the site where I answer all the questions that I 

pretend that I get asked all the time.  Basically if the whole concept of this site

confuses you, go there and READ!  Then read it again, in case you missed

something.  Then read it a final time.  After reading it this final time

sit back and ponder about it for a bit.  Then accept your fate 

with a smile, and a good ol' chuckle.



The Nick Show did exist, I have the tapes (that survived) to prove it, and here

is my dissertation on every little detail of all three seasons.  WARNING!

Reading the reviews will make you want to actually watch the episodes, 

and you DO NOT want to watch the episodes.  Whatever is 

going on in your mind is much better, I ASSURE YOU!



Ever wondered what a bunch of sad lonely nerdy teenagers/20-somethingers

looked like.  CHECK IT OUT MAN!  Also if you ever heard of the San Diego

International Comic-CON or Burning Man.  I frequent both on a yearly

basis and keep my pictures of interest here as well.



Amazingly enough we did come up with some of our "own" ideas, enough

to need a section on this website to tell you about them.  ...and 

remember, this is a not-for-profit website, before you go bitch to mommy

and the government about me stealing something and rolling in the money.



I am a comic book nerd, my collection is in the 5,000's and so when I have

a view or opinion I usually tend to express it in comic book form.

See my and other's "internet" funny strips HERE!



You like this place don't you?  MAN, you think I'm cool... yeah I know,

so you want me to tell you what other kick ass sites are out there, huh?

OK BRA!  I got ya covered and check out this section.  Also if you are

wondering what came before this site design, this is where that

crap goes.  We're... ready... to... PARTY!



Remember MIDI format music?  Sure we all do, and Nick loved it SO

MUCH that he made a dance club on his website where you can

go "jam out" to all your favorite tunes.  There's such a diversity of 

music spinning one minute you'll be shaking what momma 

gave you to "Mr. Roboto" then before you know it you'll

be twisting all night long to "Hell."  Personally guaranteed by Nick to

be partially fun/entertaining.



Please do not reproduce or distribute the information in this website without asking me first. I'll probably say yes, as long as you include the proper credits and copyright info, and as long as no money changes hands. This is especially true if you plan to reproduce any portion of this document in any hard copy publication.